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      Mediation Services

  • I have been certified by the NC Dispute Resolutions Commission as a Superior Court Mediator for mediated settlement conferences and by the Court of Appeals as a Certified Appellate Mediator.

  • My standard rate for mediation is $200 per hour with a one time $200 administrative fee, equally divided between the parties.

  • I am conducting both in person and Zoom mediations, depending on the parties' preference.  I am willing to travel and will not bill for the first 2 hours of travel in each direction.

  • I am only scheduling one mediation per day and therefore the parties will decide when to start and there will be no artificial time pressure of having to settle so that I can get to the next mediation.

  • CANCELLATION:  In the event the parties have to cancel a scheduled mediation within 10 days of the mediation date, the mediation cancellation fee is $200 unless the mediation can be rescheduled.    


Use the contact form below or send an email to in regards to your preference for dates to book.

Thanks for submitting your request!

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